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James Burn Wire O WOB 3500

    Semiautomatisk wire´O bindare med autamtisk matning av tråd från rulle,

    • Alla formatinställningar via Touch-Screen.

    • Formatinställningar görs på 3-5 minuter.

    • Klarar alla 3:1 och 2:1 wire-storlekar.

    James Burn Wire´O binder.

    Spool-fed and cut length semi-automatic binder for documents with maximum punched edge of 350mm and up to 28mm thick with a true output of up to 800 docs./hour.

    It is designed with the Digital On-Demand market in mind : fast, yet simple to operate with all size & format set ups instantly adjustable by touch screen and no manual adjustment for all Wire-O® sizes up to 1-1/4″.

    Ideal for notebooks, calendars, reports, presentations or manuals

    Price 7 500 €

  • 75,000.00 SEK

    exkl moms
Year 2006
Max size 350 x 350 mm
Min size 65 x 80 mm
Thickness 1,5 up to 28 mm