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IDEAL 4850-95 EP

    kompakt och smidig skärmaskin för mindre format.

    Elektrisk skärbalk, upp till 99 st olika programmeringar.

    LED ljus barriär anger exakt skärsnitt, säkerhetsklassad.

    IDEAL 4850-95EP

    Compact guiljotine for smaller paper size

    • Electro-mechanical blade and clamp drive

    • Optical cutting line

    • Adjustable backguage with narrow separations and plastic gliders

    • Complete with stand and storage shelf

    • NEW STYLE "EP" control panel with 99 programme facility

    • Power backguage control module

    • Electronic hand wheel

    Price Euro 1 200. (loaded on transport our warehouse)

Year of manufacture 2004
Cutting witdh 475 mm
Max paper height 80 mm