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Heidelberg CD 102-6+L

    Heidelberg CD 102-6+L 
    Six colour press with extended delivery and coater, in unique condition.

    serial no: 539 543
    Year of manufacture 1997
    Total counter 197 million.
    Location Sweden
    Inspection in production
    Maintenance under Heidelberg service contract.

    Equipped with
    Printflow colour control, Dips spectral measurement.
    Techon close loop and CIP connection
    Remote control CPC 1,04
    CP tronic
    Alcolor Vario dampening
    Ink temperature control
    Nonstop feeder/delivery
    Exatronic plus powder spray
    Press is raised 300 mm.
    Airstar pro
    Heidelberg autoregister fully automated inline register control
    Preset feeder
    Carton equipped press.
    Automated blankett/impressioncylinder
    Automated roller wash.
    Electronic double sheet detector
    Electronic side lay control
    Tryckhastighet 15 000 ark/tim.
    Central air supply
    IR dryer
    Extended delivery (2,44 m)

    Video showing machine in operation;